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Author R.L. Stuemke



EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY is a multi-author anthology in which each author chose an image, and created a story from that single image.... My story in this collection is called FIRST SCREAM OF LIGHTNING. Click on the cover image to download the anthology, FREE of charge, in PDF format.

The Creator had to leave this world to continue across the universe, so the Guardians were left to look after the people the world was created for. But over the generations the Guardians themselves are having trouble adhering to the Creator's laws. When earthquakes devastate the continent of Eltenyah, not only does it divide the surviving Guardians, it leads to the development of a new, dark religion. One hundred years later, Eltenyah has rebuilt enough to invade the continent of Aetor. The military commander of the Eltenyahr forces attempts to protect the Aetoran population, but Jothreven is betrayed by his own closest friends and left for dead. But he doesn't die - or did he die, passing from human life to another existence entirely? And what does his Fate mean for the future of his entire world?


Issue Two of the online Romance magazine Sensual Treats features my short romantic fiction SIRENITY - to read the story, CLICK HERE or on the COVER IMAGE

The book is available at - CLICK HERE

Or, directly from the publisher - CLICK HERE

Hurricane Katrina devastated not only the lives in New Orleans, but also from other worlds. Guitarist Stefan Bradley lost his fiancée and his music career, and even four years later he hasn't been able to rebuild. Finally, he returns to the city to visit his fiancée's family, and in the little nightclub they own, Stefan meets a strange, beautiful singer who was stranded there by Katrina - and learns that together, they can heal their own injuries and enable themselves to move on...  

STUDS 'R US - Erotic Romance Anthology

STUDS 'R US is intended for mature readers - you MUST be 18 years or older to download this collection. It is erotic in content.

The story RENOVATION is my contribution to this collection of romantic and sensual tales. Click on the cover to download your copy in PDF format.

Graduate student Noemi Jasper loves studying in the Fraiser Room in the University library, even if other students think it's cold. There are such great views of the rest of the campus - and right now, there's a pretty nice inside view, provided by the handsome worker repainting the walls. But her nasty ex-boyfriend is threatening her again, and eventually it will take a more mysterious library patron to match Noemi with a much better man, and drive the ex away for good!


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