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Author R.L. Stuemke



GALERIAN'S GIFT - Because of their genetic intolerance to iron, elves have spent centuries confined to the artifical world known as Underhill. There are still some 'gates' to the real world, however, and elves like Galerian use them to interact with humans, saving their lives, or just improving them. Three times, Elizabeth Sorenson will find Galerian at her side, saving her life and also making that life well worth living. What she doesn't realize is that she has given him just as much as she has received.

UNDER THE GRYPHON'S WING - Michaela Austeyn, antique dealer, quits her job when she learns beyond question that her employers don't share her work ethic and the values she learned from her foster mother and teacher - and it didn't help that her lover, a co-worker, betrayed her both professionally and personally. Now, she must figure out what to do next. It will take her beloved three-legged cat and pair of magical antique mirrors to bring her together with a potential soul-mate, and the wonderful life they can have together. 

AVAILABLE currently at

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CREATURES OF THE NIGHT - Anthology of Flash Fiction - paperback

I recently entered and WON a place in this anthology from ABSOLUTE XPRESS Publishing.

HOT SPELL - The passing of the Human Recognition Act was supposed to end strife between shifting and non-shifting humans, but it didn't, and policewoman Maggie Howell is getting very tired of all the trouble. And if riots and hate crimes weren't enough, the city is fighting an incredible heat wave as well, so she's very happy that her working day is over. But before she gets to her apartment, her landlady's obnoxious nephew insists she help him with the eviction of a tenant, who turns out to be a shifter... 

The book is available at - CLICK HERE

Or, directly from the publisher - CLICK HERE


A small town along the coast that doesn't have much to offer tourists, a quiet live-in job as a housekeeper, an attractive novelist who owns an old lighthouse; Presteign seems like the perfect hideaway for a woman desperately fleeing a vicious, abusive husband. Shari is even able to relax enough to slowly fall in love with Gareth, her British employer; to make a few casual friends, even to consult a lawyer about the possibility of a divorce. But years of abuse have given Shari active survival instincts, making her doubt Gareth's motives, and question just how safe this little town is. Where does Gareth go on his private daily jaunts along the seashore? How can her lawyer keep her whereabouts a secret, and just how determined is her husband to punish her for running away? Has she become strong enough to stand and fight? All these questions will be answered on the same night, leading to a future she had never imagined... 



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